Philosophy of Wellness
   Holistic Life

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Beauty comes from within.

Daily prayer and meditation keeps you focused on
your spiritual purpose.
God's love & light will shine on you..and bless you with the ultimate in beauty. 
 Your mind controls your thoughts..but you control your mind. What are you thinking?
You always have a choice.
"To be a happy soul..keep your eye on the donut
  not on the hole".
  Laughter truly is the best medicine.
Do you want to stay ...focused, happy and young....well...Exercise is the only pill
you have to swallow. Exercise puts oxygen into all your vital organs. Without oxygen within minutes we would be dead...so this makes oxygen our most important nutrient.
Walk, swim, bike, run, dance, skip..anything...
just move it!!!
Weight Resistance
Along with aerobic exercise weight bearing 
exercise keeps your bones strong and healthy. 
For lean tight muscles..pump it up.                              
It's all about choice. Choose when you shop.
If you bring it home..you will eat it.
Eating small portions 5 times a day helps keep
you satisified and on track. Drink WATER.
Healthy choices are: fruits, vegetables, lean protein,
dairy, whole grains, seeds/nuts and
unsaturated fats.
Limit..sugar..salt..and starch..for weight control. 
READ LABELS..avoid high fruitose corn syrup,
MSG, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors.
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